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08199 Montserrat, Barcelona

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Visiting Monserrat is one of the most special touristic activities in Barcelona. Its location and the mystic atmosphere that can be breathed between its walls, make this monastery an emblem of the city.

Monserrat's Monastery 

It's located at 720 meters in height above the sea level. Its construction story is surrounded by legend and history.

From the appearance of the Virgin in the age 880 it has been a pilgrimage place to pay tribute to the image and a short break in a place that seems to be in touch with a past era, thanks to the latin liturgies and the daily performances of the junior choir of the Monserrat's Monastery.

This choir is one of the most ancent choirs in Europe, starting its activity around the XIV century. Its high musical level has allowed that between its components have arisen big instrumentalists, compositors, and teachers.

Inside the Monserrat's Sanctuary, it's paid tribute to the Monserrat's Virgin. It's a sculpture made of wood that throughout the time it has become dark, for this reason, it has been called: Moreneta.


Easy Montserrat Tour

  • From 10:00 to 16:00
  • April 8 March to November, 10: Daily, except Saturday
  • November, 12 to April, 7: Wednesday and Sunday

Premium Montserrat Tour

  • From 8:30 to 17:00
  • April 8 March to November, 10: Daily, except Sunday
  • November, 12 to April, 7: Monday and Friday

There are no tours on January 1 and 6, December 25 and 26

Price of the ticket to Montserrat

Now you have a 10% discount on buying your tickets online, moreover, the Easy Montserrat ticket price includes a guided tour in Spanish, English, and Catalan, as well as a complete informative guide. It also includes a visit to the Montserrat Museum, transport from the foot of the mountain to the top by cog railway and choir singing by the Escolanía.

The price of the Premium Montserrat ticket includes a general visit to Montserrat, as well as transport from the foot of the mountain to the top by cog railway and a guided tour of Colonia Güell, including the crypt, accompanied by a glass of cava.


*Once you have acquired the admission ticket, any changes are not allowed and the amount paid will not be reimbursed under any circumstances.


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08199 Montserrat, Barcelona

Easy Tour Bus: Plaça Catalunya , 9, 08002 Barcelona.<br /> Premium Tour Bus: Plaça Catalunya, 14, 08002 Barcelona.<br /> Metro: L1 y L3, (Catalunya).

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Stepan 27/08/2019

Kristina 27/08/2019

Bernardita 28/06/2019

Una linda experiencia

Emily 28/11/2018

The tour was really good, with enough time to get a good feel for each place, and the tour guide was very knowledgeable.

Cristina (Spain) 02/05/2018

La visita excelente

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